Other Books

In September 2007 Oxford University Press published a new edition of my book ‘Flambards’ in a collection of six under the heading ‘Oxford Children’s Classics’. My fellow classic authors are the likes of Mark Twain, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Rudyard Kipling, Robert Louis Stevenson. . . ! I am truly amazed.

I wrote this book in 1969, it was my twelfth book. It was a departure for me after several books about sailing, (I returned to my first love – horses, the countryside and flying). It was very successful, especially so after it and its two sequels were made into a very good television series by ‘Yorkshire Television’.

This series of books, published by ‘Oxford University Press’, are:

Flambards, by KM Peyton - cover

Flambards, by KM Peyton - cover

The Edge Of The Cloud
Flambards In Summer
and Flambards Divided

After the ‘Flambards’ series I wrote three books about a modern boy, remembering ‘modern’ was the early 1970s.

They are all published by Oxford University Press and include:
Pennington’s Seventeenth Summer
The Beethoven Medal
Pennington’s Heir
Marion’s Angels

All my books are shortly to be published as ebooks by Random House.

I have written and illustrated several small children’s books about ponies and written several pony books for slightly older children.

These include:
The Scruffy Pony (Corgi),
The Paradise Ponies (Corgi)
Pony In The Dark (Corgi)
Stealaway (Macmillan)
Fly By Night (Fidra)
The Swallow Tale (Doubleday)
Swallow Summer (Doubleday)
Swallow The Star (Doubleday)
The Wild Boy And Queen Moon (Doubleday)
Darkling (Doubleday)

I also wrote and illustrated the picture books:
Plain Jack
Mr Brown
Apple Won’t Jump