I won the ‘Carnegie Medal’ in 1969 for ‘The Edge Of The Cloud’, the sequel to ‘Flambards’.

I was runner-up for it for 4 years before then, including being the runner-up in 1966, the year it wasn’t awarded! As the prize is for the best children’s book of the year, how could it not be awarded? I was also runner-up with another book the year I won it.



I was awarded an MBE in 2014. It was a great surprise!

Other awards include:

American Library Association notable Book listings
– 1963, for Sea Fever (British title “Windfall“)
– 1967, for Flambards
– 1969, for Flambards in Summer
– 1971, for Pennington’s Last Term
– 1971, for The Beethoven Medal
– 1972, for A Pattern of Roses
– 1973, for Pennington’s Heir

New York Herald Tribune Award
– 1965, for The Maplin Bird

Carnegie Medal Short List
– 1962, for Windfall
– 1964, for The Maplin Bird
– 1965, for The Plan for Birdsmarch
– 1966, for Thunder in the Sky
– 1967, for Flambards
– 1969, for Flambards in Summer
– 1977, for The Team

Carnegie Medal Winner
– 1969, for The Edge of the Cloud

Guardian Award
– 1970, for Flambards, The Edge of the Cloud,  and Flambards in Summer

Best Books for Young Adults
– 1979, for Prove Yourself a Hero

Boston Globe – Horn Book Honor Book
– 1969, for Flambards

Yorkshire Television made the first three books of the Flambards series into a television series in 1978. It was (and  still is) immensely popular and is available on video and DVD.